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G5 Machine

G5 Vibration Slimming Machine With EMS MassagerEMS Body Slimming Beauty Machine with G5 Vibration

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Product Name: G5 Vibration Slimming Machine With EMS Massager

G5 Vibration Slimming Machine With EMS Massager

Brief introduction:
1. G5 cellulite vibration massage

These unique Massage Devices (G-5 Slimming Unit/machine) obtain deep results and resolve besetting tensions. Massages are more effective than manual massages or those with regular devices. They only demand a minimum of strength for a maximum of results and various tips make them applicable to the whole body. With stepless adjustment possibilities you can treat your customers aimed and individually, ensuring they are going to come back.
2. EMS electro stimulation
The perfect body shaping beauty instrument can dissolve the fat inside the body including the grease around the bowels and inside the abdomen. At the same time, it can decrease the excitability of the sympathetic nerves and oxygen consumption of fat people. You can lose weight in very short time due to the amassment of point stimulation. This is the best traditional way of losing weight as your perfect body figure can be kept after losing weight by using this instrument.


G5 Massage Operation:
1. Fabricate the device.
2. Choose appurtenances, vibration strength and time as your need.
3. The appurtenances can be changed as your need.
4. Before massage, do some warm-up exercise and have sauna are better. Use some massage oil and talcum powder. Use neat and soft tau at first. Use hand to push muscle when tau is moving.

G5 Vibration Slimming Machine With EMS MassagerG5 Vibration Slimming Machine With EMS MassagerG5 Vibration Slimming Machine With EMS Massager


EMS Micro Current Slimming Operation:
1. Apply some gel or cream for losing weight on the electro patches and put them up with the flex on the part of the body.
2. Paste the patch on the parts of body as following
3. Turn on the power and choose the suitable pragram.
4. Adjust the time
Weight loss: 30-40 mins/time, 15 times one treatment
Breast care: 20-30 mins/time, 15-30 times one treatment
5. Turn on the button
6. During the treatment you can switch the button of function, time and intensity at will.
7. Proper intensity: as the tolerance of electricity is different among different people, for
different customers the applying electricity intensity should be different.
8. After the treatment, please ensure time display is 0 and the output should be turned off.
9. Clean and sterilize the patch and put them away.


Main function:
Weight Loss
Use electric current to stimulate the muscle, engender stretched and relaxed movement like the rhythm of tantivy and jogging so as to achieve the effect of losing weight.
Body Slimming & Figure Sculpturing
Imitate the stimulation to the muscles by fierce exercise like running, rope skipping, sit-up etc to tighten the muscles that could not be exercised by simple exercise.

Chest Care
Imitate chest expanding exercise to strengthen the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor and serratus anterior, stimulate the capillaries and nervus in epidermis and dermis, make the cell to generate hydration to supply oxygen and nutrients, restore the elasticity of the saggy chest.

Lymphatic Drainage
Improve the circulatory function, guide and arouse the liquid inside the artery, vein and lymphatic to flow fast, supply oxygen and nutrients to the cell and facilitate the metabolism so that the toxin and waste could be excreted and water would be stored.


G5 Vibration Slimming Machine With EMS MassagerG5 Vibration Slimming Machine With EMS Massager


Technical parameter:

Product name g5 vibratory machine
Voltage 110V/220V
Multifunction 2 in 1 G5+ EMS
G5 handle tips 5pcs
EMS pads 10 pairs
Type vertical G5
Power 500w

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